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I know people don't ever tend to read these things and I understand that it's just a boring necessity but if you only take away one thing from this charter let it be this:

Don't be a jerk.

If you can do that you're unlikely to encounter any problems here.

Rules and Guidelines.
You do not have absolute free speech.
No advertising or spam.
Personal abuse is not tolerated.
No porn. No links to porn.
No racism or immigrant bashing.
Blatant sexism is not tolerated.
Do not post here simply to reach a larger audience.
Text speak is strictly forbidden.
No pointless threads, posts or polls.
Do not post any private phone numbers.
Rules on discussing drugs.
If there is a more appropriate forum, post your thread there.
No questioning moderator actions on thread.
No videos depicting violence, murder cruelty.
Excessive off-topic chat or flirting is not allowed.
Rickrolling / 4chan memes and similar link abuse not permitted.
Do not abuse the thread tag system.
No advocating criminality or violence.
Grammar nazis are not welcome here.
Contribute something of your own to any threads you start.
Rules on threads about sex and sexuality / Personal Issues threads / threads about soccer.
Information about bans and infractions.
Do not feed the trolls.
Do not post in really old / zombie threads.
Do not post libellous or copyright material.


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